We believe you should only join TMQ if you are looking for a main guild
While the guild pursues 100% representation it is not required. We do not believe in mandating loyalty, but inspiring it in our members. That said we do consider ourselves a main guild/community and you will be expected to represent the majority of the time you spend online. So unless you are helping out a friend's guild, managing your personal bank or attending an event with a dedicated guild (like Tequatl, Tri Wurm or WvWvW) we do expect TMQ to be your main guild.

TMQ is a community guild first
TMQ promotes a fun, mature atmosphere that allows a good group of people to come together to enjoy Guild Wars 2 in all of it’s many aspects. Currently TMQ hosts weekly scheduled guild missions and raid attempts and our officers are constantly adding more events to the schedule. Guild activities are always evolving and on the go parties constantly form. TMQ members are helping each-other to complete personal stories, map completion, fractals, random dungeons or other events. We even have our own voice-comm server to chit-chat and have fun.

Guild participation is very important to us!
Any person who wants to join our friendly community should be willing to actively represent us and actively partake in our community. We do believe that a community is built on regular participation in activities by all of its members. Therefore, we do ask our members to be active in-game and on the website on a weekly basis as this is at the core of our guild. Keeping in mind that we're a European based guild, we do only accept European players due the time zone difficulties.

Quality over Quantity
The guild tries to keep the roster count to a reasonable size to where we are large enough to be able to organize meta events, and be effective at tackling goals that require a large member count. All this while being small enough to preserve the feeling that every member is important to the success of the guild, the feeling of a close community and knowing your fellow members. TMQ seeks members that want to be active and contribute to the guild and its community. Members should have the ambition to work/donate to the growth of the guild hall, the community and the guild overall.